Powering Arrow\Plus Transmitter and Receiver

The options are endless when it comes to powering the Paralinx Arrow/+ transmitters and receivers. Please follow these guidelines though to be certain the units are powered properly without causing damage from third party components.

  • The Transmitter

    • Requires 1 AMP
    • Accepts 5V MAX
  • The Receiver

    • Requires 2.1 AMPS
    • Accepts 5V MAX
    • Can not be powered via the USB port

USB Batteries

We often use USB batteries to power the transmitters and/or receivers such as the Mophie brand we sell on our site. The 4000mAh version is lightweight and will provide power for about 4 hours while the 6000mAh version is a bit heavier it is good for longer shoots. 

Anton Bauer Batteries or V-Mount Batteries

Arrow and Arrow+ kits come with USB PTap regulators that can be connected to these types of batteries and provide a regulated USB port to supply power to receiver, transmitter, or other devices that would require similar power. 

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