Pairing Transmitter and Receiver

If you need to pair a new transmitter to a receiver follow these steps:

1. Connect the Receiver to your monitor and power it.
2. Connect the IR sensor to the Receiver via the IR connector plug.
3. When it shows "Connecting to ....." press EXIT on the remote.
4. Using the remote control, select Setup to bring up the menu options.
5. First, remove the old transmitter by selecting Remove Video Source
6. Select the old transmitter and press OK and then OK again to confirm.
7. Back at the main menu, select Add new Video Source
8. When you see "Please Activate Registration on Transmitter Unit", press and hold the button on the the transmitter for 5 seconds.
9. The Receiver will acknowledge and press OK to confirm.
10. Pairing complete!

Take a look at our video tutorial for more information!

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