Crossbow FAQ


What is the Crossbow?

The Paralinx crossbow is an HD-SDI module designed specifically to be integrated with the Paralinx Arrow and Arrow Plus transmitters so that they can interface seamlessly with HD-SDI video sources

What does Crossbow do?

Crossbow takes an HD-SDI video source and instantly cross-converts it to an HDMI signal.

Is there any added delay?

No, there is no observable added delay

How is Crossbow powered?

Crossbow accepts power input from 5 - 30v dc either from the included power supply, or through optional 2-pin or P-Tap to threaded locking barrel connector cables sold separately

Is Audio Supported?

At this time Crossbow does not support audio.

Does Crossbow power my transmitter?

Yes! Crossbow is designed to provide a regulated 5v power to keep your transmitter running without any additional extraneous power cables.

Is there an HD-SDI loop-through?

There is no HD-SDI loop-through. 

How do I mount Crossbow to my camera?

Crossbow comes with a 1.25” long custom 1/4 20’’ thumbscrew that can be fastened to any mounting thread through a pass-through on the Crossbow enclosure (as seen on the product page).

Does the Crossbow support PsF?

The Crossbow does not support PsF. If you find you will frequently need support for this framerate check out the Atomos S2H line of converters.

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