Pairing the Paralinx Ace, Arrow-X, and Tomahawk with the Teradek Sidekick

The Teradek Sidekick is now cross-compatible with the Paralinx Ace, Arrow-X, and Tomahawk.

In order to pair the Sidekick to Paralinx units, existing Paralinx transmitters and receivers and the Sidekick must be updated to the most current firmware using the Paralinx Manager tool.

This step-by-step video will show you how to easily update the firmware on your units and perform the pairing process on the Sidekick.

The Paralinx Manager tool can be downloaded from


Pairing Tips

Below are additional tips on pairing the Tomahawk and Sidekick:

  • the firmware must be the most recent available on all units (Tomahawk and Sidekick); make sure to update using the Paralinx Manager software available from ; note that the Tomahawk TX must be firmware 3.9.12
  • make sure the units you want to pair are at least 5 feet apart, and there are no other transmitters or receivers turned on within 50 feet (including the Tomahawk RX paired with that Tomahawk TX unit)
  • the single and multi link switch no longer does anything on the Tomahawk, as recent firmware has rolled the benefits of both modes together into one mode
  • use the Sidekick menu to select Pairing, then hit L on the Tomahawk with a paper clip until the wireless LED light flashes, then select OK using the Sidekick menu
  • try to press OK right when the Tomahawk wireless light starts blinking. If you take too long it can sometimes time out and the pairing process must be restarted


PsF Video Format Incompatibility

NOTE: the Paralinx + Sidekick combination does not support PsF video formats, so make sure that your frame rate is set to something that is not PsF for video to be transmitted wirelessly to the Sidekick



Applies to:

  • Paralinx Ace
  • Paralinx Arrow-X
  • Paralinx Tomahawk
  • Teradek Sidekick
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