Fixing Pairing Issues on Ace

First, you will need the Paralinx Manager tool found here. The page also includes instructions for flashing firmware.

 ***If your Paralinx Manager does not detect your Ace, download and install the Teradek Bolt manager here. Afterwards, your Paralinx Manager should properly detect your Ace. If your Ace is still not detected by Paralinx Manager on Windows at this point, try the steps here.***


Once you have Paralinx Manager installed, please follow the steps below:

1. Open Paralinx Manager, go to status, click send message, and enter 'storagerestore' (without quotes). This can be done on both transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx).

2. Go to Settings, Select Region, and set the Region to the correct one for your area. Even if it seems to be set already, set it again.

3. Update radio 1 on the device. You can run the Radio 1 update 2-3 times to ensure everything is written properly.

4. Power cycle everything.

5. Pair your devices together again.




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